Episode 116: Finding Retirement Solutions That Stick with Wade Pfau and Alex Murguia

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What makes a retirement recommendation not only work but also stick for your clients?  Could it be a combination of personality traits and beliefs about the market? We were really fortunate this week to have Dr. Wade Pfau and Dr. Alex Murguia on to discuss their research on the topic. They walk us through the tool they have built to help decode what exactly makes our clients tick.

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Links mentioned in this episode:

The Retirement Income Advisor Challenge on October 25 and 26 will allow advisors to learn more about what the RISA is, to take it, and to learn how they can incorporate it into their firms: http://risaprofile.com/challenge

Wade’s new book is the Retirement Planning Challenge. The RISA is discussed in Chapter 1:

General website for the RISA:



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Ashley SaundersEpisode 116: Finding Retirement Solutions That Stick with Wade Pfau and Alex Murguia

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